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    A Jack O'Connor® .270 Replica can be YOURS - Enter the 2009 Raffle today!
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The Jack O’Connor Commemorative series consists of five rifles, one built and raffled each year, beginning in 2007. The 2009 (#3) rifle is currently on display at the Jack O’Connor Center.

For more information about purchasing a raffle ticket for this fine weapon, please call: 208-743-5043

Jack's famous .270, based on a pre-64 model 70 Winchester and built by Al Biesen almost 50 years ago, has been carefully recreated by Al and his son Roger Biesen on pre-64 model 70 actions to identical dimensions, differing only in trim and engraving.

The first rifle, dubbed his #1-.270, was built in 1953 and is now owned by Henry Kaufman, a longtime friend of Jack's. He considered it to be so perfect in every way that Jack wanted a second, nearly identical rifle as a backup. The second rifle, built in 1959, and owned by Bradford O'Connor (Jack's son) is on permanent display at the Jack O'Connor® Center. It turned out that Jack liked the #2 rifle even better than the #1 rifle and used it extensively.

Each of the five rifles will be nearly identical and in corporate features found in both of the original rifles. The rifles are built by Al and Roger Biesen and beautifully engraved by Paula Biesen Malicki. The rifles feature pre-64 model 70 actions, and Biesen floorplate and trigger guards. They are stocked in French Walnut with ebony forend tip and checker in Fleur de lis pattern, 29 lines per inch. The Biesen trap door butt plate and pistol grip cap are engraved with Jack’s Pilot Mountain Dall Sheep and his best Idaho Mule Deer respectively. The rifle is complete with a Leupold VXIII 4x scope, bases and rings donated by Leupold. Each rifle is truly a work of art.