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The educational mission of the Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage and Educational Center is to provide, promote and foster educational opportunities inspired by Jack O’Connor’s vision as a noted outdoorsman, author, hunter and conservationist.


The Center is located in Hells Gate State Park, in close proximity to the Park’s Visitors Center and camping, as well as the Snake River, an interpretive trail, walking and riding trails, and excellent views of key geological features of the valley.

Educational Opportunities for All Visitors

  • A quarter-mile interpretative "Trail of Discovery" linking the Jack O’Connor Center and Hells Gate State Park Discovery Center offers access to a variety of animal habitats and geological features.

  • Fun museum scavenger hunts and searches are available for a wide age range.

  • Videos and literature on the region, as well as many of Jack O’Connor's, are available to visitors.

Volunteer help is always welcome at The Jack O'Connor Center, if you are interested in becoming part of our team please click here for more information.








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Jack O'Connor Hunting Heritage & Education Center®
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Hellsgate State Park Lewiston, ID 83501

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