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.284 Winchester Cartridge

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.284 Winchester Cartridge

Postby Arctosman » Sat Nov 21, 2015 2:30 pm

Somewhere around 1963, I purchased a new Model 88 Winchester chambered in the hot new .284 Winchester cartridge after reading Jack's reviews of the cartridge and new Winchester 'modern' lever action rifle'.

I figured at the time of my purchase, that I was getting a lever action Winchester with a 100 years of tradition and mystique surrounding Winchester lever action saddle guns. Plus, I planned on external ballistics that rivaled Jack's favorite cartridge-the venerable old .270 Winchester!

A pre-64 Model 88 in .284 Winchester today is worth 20 times what I paid for it in 1963. The Model 88 rifle hasn't been made for years.

I always liked this rebated rim, stubby little true-7mm cartridge. I believe Winchester Western ammo was available in 125 anf 150 gr factory loads. I hand-loaded lots of 139 gr. SP 7mm bullets without the benefit of a chronograph, so I will never know what the velocities were out of the short 20" Model 88 barrel.

Anybody else have any experience with this interesting short action cartridge?
Trying to pack the punch of .280 Rem and .270 Win cartridges in a lever action cartridge...
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